du 4 au 28 août 2023 : Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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Du 4 au 28 août 2023

The Divinatory Crowd of Dreams

Poem and performance by Catherine Gil Alcala

These are surreal and tragicomic fragments, a theatre of dreams that I have created with my poems about dreams, my drawings and my creations of objects.
We meet animals, chimeras : a pink hen, a raven man… and humans from all eras : the neighbours, a lady playing with an Aztec bilboquet, Eros, King Lear himself… but also the buzzing aliens…
Dreams welcome the telephone and the fridge, as well as the Trojan War.
There are metamorphoses of a piece of rainbow into a little blue dog, of blue shoes into two bloody white geese, and of owls into wild beasts…